Parimatch Support India

Despite Parimatch’s impeccable service for a long time, just like in any successful company, sometimes there are problems or just misunderstandings between people. For this purpose, the company provides its customers with instant support, ready to come to the aid of anyone in need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And thanks to the huge number of languages that the company supports in its range, including Hindi. Customers have no trouble explaining their problems. The company has the following ways to solve your problems and misunderstandings:

  • FAQ;
  • Online chat;
  • Support in messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp);
  • E-mail.

It is worth noting that any user can apply. You do not need to be logged in to get expert help!


Parimatch support service

Any request to the support service takes a small amount of time, but you still have to wait for an answer. That’s why the company has a “Frequently Asked Questions” section, which is constantly updated and supplemented. Any user can find all the necessary information in this section. In the section, all relevant questions are divided into different topics, so the search will be very easy. But for convenience, there is also a quick search bar that will allow you to find more relevant answers to your query.

Online Chat

Parimatch Online Chat

The most popular and most accessible way to contact support. With online chat, you can quickly resolve your questions. You don’t even need to log in to start getting expert help, as you can enter all the information you need to contact you to start the chat. It is worth emphasizing that the average waiting time is 15 minutes. This method is suitable for solving simple domestic issues that do not require detailed analysis. If a complicated situation arises, your dialogue will be transferred to the format of communication by e-mail. Support speaks more than 25 languages, including Hindi.

Support in messengers

Support in messengers Parimatch

Also, for your convenience, the company provides help through popular social networks such as: Telegram, WhatsApp. In order to use them, also go to the “Support” section and choose a messenger that is convenient for you. This is a chatbot, which will quickly find answers to your questions, using keywords and it does it quickly!

By email

Parimatch email

The company has a mailbox where you can send your inquiries for more detail. The response time will be somewhat longer than an online chat, and the complexity of questions asked by email is much higher. So please be patient and answer your question, just answer as quickly as possible.

Contact e-mail: [email protected]